Monday, April 14, 2014

170) Sticker Resist Dyed Eggs

I was just contemplating what kind of eggs we should dye this week for Easter and remembered that I never shared the eggs we did last year. Honestly I am thinking we might do the same thing this year because they were fun to make and turned out so cool.

We started by hard boiling a dozen white eggs, then when they were cool to the touch, I gave each of the girls a few pages of reinforcement stickers. Which bring back a wave of memories from middle school, but that's a blog post for another day. The girls covered the eggs with stickers and I helped, making sure the stickers where fully smoothed onto the eggs. We then filled a few containers of colored dye, I actually think we just used one of those kits that you get at the store. However since it is over a year since we did it my memory is a little foggy, I guess that's what I get for waiting so long to write about this. 

After letting the eggs sit in one color we took the eggs out, let them dry a little and removed the stickers. We played around with layering the colors, adding more stickers and placing the eggs into a different color. Some of the stickers came off after a while but that just seemed to add to the effect.

 When we were all done we removed all the stickers and let the eggs dry. The layered colors and round sticker outlines turned out beautifully. The girls also played around with drawing on the eggs in crayon before dipping into the dye. Another technique I hope we get to explore again this year, but check back next year for more on that one.