Thursday, February 6, 2014

168) Cardboard Tube Heart Printing

I have never been a fan of winter, but this winter has been particularly brutal. Record breaking cold temperatures, freezing precipitation of every kind, winter colds and a new baby means we have spent more time inside this winter then ever before. In order to control the craziness of cabin fever we have been doing lots and lots of projects lately. Good for this blog, not so good for the cleanliness and organization of my house. While we already have one Valentines project, our Play Dough Valentines, underway, I saw this very easy heart printing on Pinterest and thought we would give it a shot. 

I used two toilet paper tubes (one for each of the girls) and pinched one end together to form the bottom of the heart and pinched the middle of the top together to form the top of the heart. I then used our good old metal trays and squeezed in a little red and purple washable tempera. I got out a few large sheets of white paper and let the girls stamp to the hearts content. This is the kind of project I love on an impromptu snow/sick day. It took no prior planning, less then 5 minutes to set up and the girls spent a good 20 minutes happily printing.

Once they had finished printing we left the papers to dry. The next day we used a large heart shaped paper punch (though you could also just cut hearts out with scissors) to cut out a bunch of hearts for the girls to use for the class valentines. The Bee has been all about writing this year and has been working every day to write a Valentine for each of the kids in her class. The Bean is a little less concerned with Valentines day, so I have been writing the names of her classmates on the hearts for her but love that she made the artwork on the front.

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