Thursday, September 1, 2011

16) Re-cycled Plastic Knife Wreath

After our last party I went to put away the remaining plastic silverware and discovered that I had close to 100 plastic knives. I always buy the multi-pack plastic silverware packs and nobody ever uses the knives, so after a few parties I was left with a lot of knives. After a few days of trying to decide what to do with the knives I pulled out the hot glue gun and begin gluing the knives together. Using just a little bit of hot glue at the tip (the end you spread with) of each knife I glued together three knives at a time, making a little bunch or cluster. After arranging the clusters together with the tips pointed to the center I begin gluing each cluster of three knives together to create a large circle or sun. Next I added a little extra glue around the center to help hold the knives together. To finish it off and cover up a little of the glue around the center, and to keep with the plastic knife theme I cut the bottom of a red plastic cup and glued it into the center.


  1. I blogged about this project tonight but I can't find a contact email addy to let you know. The link is here...

    I'll try to let you know on your FB page, too.

  2. Evelyn thank you so much for sharing this! I will be checking your blog to see the rest of your Christmas gift projects! What a great idea!