Monday, September 5, 2011

19) Cardboard Connectagons

I have always admired those connector block sets in toy stores and catalogs but never purchased any because my kids were still to young. The other day I was thinking that they are now old enough to really enjoy them. So I decided to try and make some. Using a cardboard box from the recycling bin I traced the bottom of a bottle to create a nice circle. I then drew four slits into the circle and cut it out. This first circle became my template and I traced it multiple times on to the rest of the cardboard. After cutting out all the pieces, I enlisted the help of my best painter. The Bee always happy to have an excuse to pull out the paints selected a few colors and begin painting the cut out cardboard pieces. After letting them dry we were ready to play. I was thinking about giving them a coat of Modge Podge tonight just to make them a little more durable although they have held up pretty well so far!


  1. these are cool!! I think my kids would enjoy making these in our up coming school holidays!

  2. Oh snap! we made some of these this week too. They great fun aren't they - and really get this kids thinking as they build.

    Lovely to see you at the Play Academy.