Wednesday, September 7, 2011

7) Shoe Matching Game

For the second day in a row it is raining here and a look at the rest of the weeks forecast does not look very promising. However the Bee and Bean woke up full of energy and ready to go. So we came up with a fun little game. Next to our front door we keep a large basket of shoes. Everyone in the family puts there shoes in the basket when they come in the door and it makes it easy for me to clean-up random shoes around the house. I brought the large basket into the other room and selected pairs of shoes. One of the pair I placed on the floor and the other I put in a pile. The Bee then had to select a shoe from the pile and find the matching one on the floor. She then had to take the matches and put them back in the basket. The Bean, a little young for the matching did some sorting of her own. I found another large tub and put it on the floor near the basket of shoes. She had a great time carrying the shoes back and forth from one basket to another. A skill she has been practicing all week now that she is a professional walker. The game was a lot of fun, easy to set up and clean up and most of all anybody could play!


  1. I love this :) We've started doing matching type games here too - I will have to try shoes as my 13mo LOVES shoes! :) Thanks for sharing - found you via It's Playtime!

  2. Thanks Rebekah! What kind of matching games do you play? We am always looking for new fun games to play?