Thursday, October 6, 2011

33) Federal Hill Playground

The Top Five Reasons to Go on a Playground Tour:
1) It's free- It costs nothing to go to the playground (most of the time)
2) It gets you out of the house- The Bee is currently in a "I don't want to leave the house phase" and while I sometimes feel the same way, we both always feel better after playing outside.
3) You get some vitamin D and fresh air- I am sure there are lots of studies to support this but I do think spending some time outside everyday is good for everyone, and going to a playground is a great way to spend some time outside.
4) Meet new friends- I am often in awe of 3 year olds, but one of the things I find most amazing is their ability to make friends in an instant. The Bee loves to go to the playground and make a new friend, as an adult making friends seems so hard, so I find her ability to just meet and enjoy new people inspiring.
5) Go someplace new- We have now visited parts of the city we live in that we probably wouldn't have gone to otherwise. We have discovered new stores, restaurants and neighborhoods all by checking out a new playground.

If you have a new playground you would recommend please leave a comment below or email me, we are always looking for new ones to check out. Or if you take your own Playground Tour please let me know so we can follow along and share!

Yesterday we went to the playground in Federal Hill Park. A friend recommended this park not for the actual playground but for the view and she was right! The park and playground are at the top of Federal Hill overlooking the entire harbor and city and the view is unbelievable. The playground itself has all the basics, swings, slide, climber, sandbox, it's also well shaded with a large grassy area that would be a good place to kick a ball around. The park has walk ways and benches that allow you to enjoy the great views. The girls honestly spent most of their time checking out all the sites! Definitely a good playground with a great view!

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