Wednesday, November 23, 2011

55) Patterned Collage Numbers

I have been working on a new quiet/reading space in our house and  while it is almost done it needed a little something else. So inspired by an abacus hanging on the wall, I made these collage numbers using patterned paper. I started by taking a bunch of small inexpensive frames from ikea and spray painted them all black. Then took a bunch of patterned papers and separated them into neutral patterns for the background and colored patterns for the numbers. To make the numbers I used a good, old teacher trick, taking 3x5 index cards, I drew each number into the rectangle, making sure my number touched all edges of the paper. This trick ensures that all the numbers are the same size. Once I had drawn all the numbers, I cut them out and traced them onto the colored pattern papers and cut those out. When the numbers were finished I inserted the neutral background and colorful number into the frame.  Then using strips of Velcro I hung them on the wall. They were just the finishing touch we needed. Check back soon to see a full post about our new quiet/reading space.

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