Thursday, January 5, 2012

7) 25 Books About Artists and Art History For Children

1) Almost Famous Daisy By David Kidd
Daisy travels the world looking at art for just the right inspiration for her own masterpiece.
2) When Pigasso Met Mootise By Nina Laden
Fictionalized story about the friendship between the two artists. This is one of the Bee's all time favorites!
3) Art Dog By Thatcher Hurd
Funny story about Arthur Dog, a museum guard at the Dogopolis Museum Of Art.
4) Touch The Art Series By Julie Appel
Pop Warhols Top , Make Van Gogh's Bed , Catch Picasso's Rooster, Feed Matisse's Fish 
Great board books where kids an actually touch the works of art. The actual writing in the books is not the best but the interactive images more then make up for it!
5) Babar's Museum of Art By Laurent De Brunhoff
Tour the museum of art and check out the Babar version of famous works of art.
6) Action JacksonBy JanGreenberg
A kid sized story about the artist Jackson Pollock
7) Degas and The Little Dancer By Laurence Anholt
A great fictionalized story of the little dance that inspired Dega's famous sculpture
8) Look! Look! Look! By Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
Three mice learn to look at art
9) Museum ABC By The Metropolitan Museum Of Art
Learn the abc's through images from works of art from The Met
10) Mini Masters Series By Suzanne Bober
In The Garden With Van Gogh, Dancing With Degas, Sunday With Seurat, Sharing With Renoir, Painting With Picasso, On The Island With Gauguin, Dreaming With Rousseau, Quiet Time With Cassat
Small board books filled with great images of the artists works. We always keep these in the car since they are small enough for travel but have enough to keep kids interested.
11) Counting With Wayne Thiebaud By Susan Goldman Rubin
Count the scrumptious looking goodies in Thiebaud's paintings. (board book)
12) Andy Warhols Colors By Susan Goldman Rubin
Board book teaching colors through the graphic images of Andy Warhol
13) Matisse Dance With Joy By Susan Goldman Rubin
Words about movement paired with the moving images of Matisse's work (board book)
14) Jacob Lawrence In The City By Susan Goldman Rubin
The sounds of the big city illustrated with paintings by the artist Jacob Lawrence (board book)
15) The Great Migration By Jacob Lawrence
Written and illustrated by the artist Jacob Lawrence
16) Life Doesn't Frighten Me By Maya Angelou
Written by the poet Maya Angelou and illustrated by the artist Jean Michelle Basquiat
17) Sandy's Circus: A Story About Alexander Calder By Tana Lee Stone
A fictionalized story about the artist Alexander Calder and his amazing wire circus
18) My Name Is Georgia By Jeanette Winter
A biography of the artist Georgia O'Keefe for kids
19) Uncle Andy's By James Warhola
Written and illustrated by a nephew of Warhol, he also wrote a second book called "Uncle Andy's Cats"
20) Why is Blue Dog Blue? By George Rodrigue
Written and illustrated by the artist George Rodrigue
21) Linnea In Monet's Garden By Cristina Bjork
A young girl visits Monet's Garden there is also a video of this book.
22) Tar Beach By Faith Ringgold
Written and illustrated by the artist Faith Ringgold
23) The Art Book For Children and The Art Book For Children, Book Two By Phaidon Press
Large beautiful art history books filled with images of all kinds of art from all time periods with prompts for kids looking at the images.
24) M Is For Masterpiece By David Domeniconi
An alphabetic tour through art
25) How Artists See Series By Colleen Carroll
How Artists See: Families, How Artists See: The Weather, How Artists See: Feelings, How Artists See: Play A large series of books that selects artwork based on a theme.

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