Friday, January 6, 2012

28) Squeeze Oranges for Orange Juice

On Tuesday we spent a sick day in our pajamas with the poor Bean who was under the weather with a cold. As often happens her cold turned into an ear infection and before I knew it our sick day had turned into a sick week. The Bean was kind enough to share her cold with her sister. So by Friday, a sick day, which had seemed so fun on Tuesday was definitely loosing it's charm. Yesterday in an attempt to find something to do and maybe get a little additional vitamin C into everybody, we made orange juice. I bought a hand juicer a few months ago at Ikea for just a few dollars and on my last trip  to the grocery store I bought a big bag of juice oranges. After cutting the oranges I gave the Bee a quick demo on how to squeeze the orange and then let her take over. She pushed, twisted, banged and squeezed the oranges. It only took two oranges to make a small glass, but she probably juiced 5 oranges total, just because she was having fun. When she was done we each had a delicious glass of fresh squeezed OJ! I felt better about getting two sick kids to drink something healthy and she felt better about having made it all by herself!

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