Wednesday, February 15, 2012

20) The Day in the Life of The Bee's Hair

 Last summer I wrote a post documenting what happens in 24 hours in our playroom. My best friend Emily jokingly suggested that I write a post documenting a day of The Bee's hair (which starts the day in a nice braid or ponytail that slowly unravels as the day goes on), which i thought was a brilliant idea. So for her birthday, I put together a post doing just that. Yesterday when the Bee woke up I fixed her hair, just like we do every morning. Then every hour or so I took a picture of her. While I fully expected to see her hairstyle slowly deterirate, I was surprised by what her facial expressions show about her day too!


  1. Does she still take a nap? It looks like she caught her second wind somewhere there in the middle :)

  2. what a cute post, its really interesting that she looks younger with her hair up, my son has long hair and he is the same, if its tied back he looks about 6 months younger.

    1. You are so right! I think the hair back reveals the chubby cheeks:)