Wednesday, February 22, 2012

39) Hunt for Signs of Spring

While it is technically still February, it feels more like April today. After a morning of playing outside without our coats on, I am definitely thinking Spring. I have lived in Baltimore long enough to know that a March blizzard is always a possibility, but all those little signs of Spring are starting to get me excited! The other day we went on a walk (just around our neighborhood) looking for Spring. At first we just spotted a few snowdrops and then we came upon this whole yard of beautiful purple Croci (is that the plural for crocus, I am not sure but I like it so I am going to leave it.) The inspiration for our Spring walk came from this great book Project Garden: A Month-By Month Guide to Planting, Growing and Enjoying All you Backyard Has To Offer By Stacy Tornio. The book is filled with activities, recipes and info about what is in season every month. It even has a page about the different flowers growing that month with pictures so you can identify them! There are lots of projects in this book I can't wait to try, when Spring really does arrive. In the meantime I am off to start thinking about what we should grow in our garden this year...

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