Monday, February 27, 2012

96) No Sew Socktopus

The Sock problem at our house is getting out of control! My "the mate for this sock is probably in the next load" pile has become a giant heap on my dresser with socks that have been waiting to be reunited with their mate for months. So on a hunt to find something to do with all these socks I found these cute little octopus sock creatures which seemed totally doable. So I gave them a shot!

 To make my socktopus I chose some socks from my pile that had fun patterns (like these striped ones.) I then tied off the toe of the sock. Next I stuffed some stuffing into the sock to form a little ball. I have made a few of these at this point and tried a few different kinds of stuffing (pollyfill stuffing, shredded paper and plastic bags) all of which worked fine but I think the polyfill stuffing seems to hold up best. After I had formed a good shaped ball I tied off the sock just underneath the ball. You could easily have sewn these too but the knotting works great and is so easy! Next I used a pair of scissors to cut strips into the toe and leg of the sock. This made some hair (because all octupi need hair right?) and tentacles for the octopus. Finally I cut out some white ovals from an old sweater and glued them onto the ball with tacky glue. I just added the pupil  with a black sharpie although you could easily cut them out of felt or fabric and glue them down. Each socktopus only took about 10 minutes to make and now we have a small family of socktopuses that the girls love to play with. And my sock pile is getting some what smaller. Now what to do with the rest of the socks...


  1. I'm loving your blog! This project is hilarious! :)

    1. Thanks Katherine! I think it it pretty funny too:)

  2. I made one too out of an old 2009 halloween sock. instead of felt eyes I sewed on buttons and mine is hairless. very cute.