Friday, March 2, 2012

3) Inspirations: Little Libraries

I have a serious book problem. I can always justify the purchase of a new book and I can never justify getting rid of a book. So needless to say we have a huge book collection. Our last move, with 17 boxes of books, made that very clear to me (and the poor movers.) Last week I made the girls some little notebooks from cereal boxes. They have loved them, taking them all over the place and drawing in them all the time. I think one of the things they loved most about them is the fact that they are little. They seem perfectly sized for them, they are easy for them to hold on to and great for carrying from one place to another. So this weeks inspirations are all about little books and little libraries:

Inspiration: Little Free Libraries are really that, little small boxes that people put in their yard and fill with books on a take one and bring it back sort of policy. I first read about them in this article and found them so enchanting. I love the idea that they are cropping up all across the nation!

Things to Make: Jen, fellow Baltimore blogger and writer of Classic Play (a blog I love reading every week) wrote this week about making her own little library with her kids. Totally inspiring and something I can't wait to try with the girls.
Another book making project I want to try some time soon are these Incy Wincy Books from Nurturestore

Books to Read: I have been eyeing up this book for a long time and just might have to get it! "How To Make Books" By Esther K Smith is a step by step guide on many different ways to make your own books.

Places to Go: One of our favorite places to go in Baltimore is Storyville. There are actually two in Baltimore one in Rosedale and one in Woodlawn. They are both small towns each building with a different theme for kids 5 and under to play in. The best part is that Storyville is part of the Baltimore County Public Library, so they are open and free to the public. If you have a Baltimore County library card you can even checkout the many, many children's books all around the space.