Saturday, March 24, 2012

6) Inspiration: Breakfast

My kids are on a breakfast strike. While for the most part I would consider them to both be pretty good eaters, they seem to go through these phases where they just don't want breakfast. It's mostly about the time (and I suspect the time change triggered this most recent strike) they just aren't really hungry for breakfast until later in the morning. While I get this, because this is how I work too, I can't let them eat later on a school morning. And I don't feel good about sending a kid to school who hasn't eaten anything. So this week I am on the hunt for some breakfast inspiration.

Stuff to Make: 10 Easy and Healthy Alternatives to Packaged Breakfast Cereal for Kids some great ideas I can't wait to try from Childhood 101, Or maybe a Breakfast Banana Split will win them over!

Things to Do: I often find that the more involved the girls are in making the meal the better they eat (although this plan recently backfired, as you will see in a post next week) so I enjoyed this post from Tinkerlab and I love the knives she uses in this post!

Books to Read: One of my most favorite books to read aloud to kids Cooking with Henry and Elliebelly By Carolyn Parkhurst might inspire a little breakfast eating and for a little fun at breakfast Funny Food: 365 Healthy, Silly and Creative Breakfasts By Bill Wurtzel

If all else fails perhaps I will try this option.

Do you have a favorite breakfast recipe or suggestions for encouraging children to eat breakfast? I would love any help!


  1. We LOVE Annie's Eats and all of her muffin recipes here, but my 3 kids all seem to have different breakfast preferences too. While none of them are picky eaters, they like very different breakfast foods from one another. One LOVES cheese grits, while another could live on jelly bagels, and the third prefers cereal. Anyway, a favorite healthy easy-to-customize choice is the breakfast parfait. Layers of yogurt, fruit, granola (or any type of cereal), made to order for each child, depending on what you have in the refrigerator. The possibilities are endless, and it is especially fun to put them in a fancy glass where you can see the layers. Worth a try for your girls?

  2. Thanks Mary! I had forgotten about parfaits, I will have to bring those back into the rotation and the girls would love them in a fancy glass! We will also have to try out the cheese grits, do you have a good recipe?

  3. The Quaker grits package has a great basic recipe on the back, and when I make grits, I usually just melt in butter and cheese at the end to serve right away as cheese grits. I do have a great make-in-advance recipe for cheese grits that I use more often as a side dish for a dinner entree. This has you make regular grits according to the package directions, and then whisk a small amount of hot grits into a beaten egg, tempering the egg so you don't cook it immediately by plopping it into the hot grits. Then you add the egg/grits back into the grits along with cheese and butter. You can bake it later with great results. But the basic Quaker recipe does the trick!!!

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