Sunday, April 22, 2012

10) Inspiration: Jump Ropes

As a teacher I used to have recess duty and was always amazed year after year at the how all the kids just seemed to know the same jump rope songs. Not only did they all know them but they were the same songs that I sang as kid. The jump rope seems like one of the timeless kids toys with so much possibility. A few weeks ago I made the girls a Plastic Bag Jump Rope, and I have loved seeing their interest in it. While they are still a little young for the jump rope rhymes they have come up with plenty of their own games. So this week I thought I would share our jump rope games along with some   classic jump rope inspirations.

Stuff to Make: 
Here are a few other cool ideas for DIY jump ropes. I love the marker cap one! I feel pretty confident I could find enough marker caps in our house to give this one a try.
Weave a Jump Rope, Marker Cap Jump Rope, Used Marker Jump Rope

Things to Do:
For those of us who can't remember the jump rope lyrics this site might be helpful Jump Rope Songs. I love this idea for using a simple jump rope as gift wrapping Jump rope wrapping. My sisters and I spent countless hours as kids playing Chinese Jump Rope. A little more complicated but so fun to Play Chinese Jump Rope

Books to Read:
For a little jump rope brush up:
Klutz Chinese Jump Rope by Anne Johnson and Mary Thelen, Anna Banana: 101 Jump Rope Rhymes by Joanna Cole

Our Jump Rope Games:
Play Tug of War
Walk the Line
Tow something
Go fishing
Play drawbridge
Long jump
Sing jump rope songs
Pretend snake
Follow the leader
Dangle stuff off of it
Haul something up the slide
Fashionable belt
Make a starting line
Make a finish line
Mark territory
Take a walk


  1. We have Anna Banana on the shelf. Can't wait to pull it down! We used to play Helicopter, helicopter a lot. Except the rhyme was helicopter, helicopter please come down. Only if you're wearing the color...

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