Thursday, May 24, 2012

52) Summer Bucket List

Today is the Bee's last day of pre-school. That means that starting today we are officially on summer vacation, woo-hoo!!! What better way to start off our summer vacation then with a list. I am always a fan of a list. They help me keep my thoughts straight and give me a place to go back to when I need a little reminder. They also help me on those morning when I wake up without any plans and have two little ones staring at me asking "what are we going to do today." When I saw The Happy Family Movement was starting their annual Summer Bucket List Challenge, I thought that might be just the help we needed to get our list started. They have lots of good suggestions on their site about how to plan you list and the challenge is open to everyone so go over and join. Ever since we started talking about our list, the girls have been getting really excited about summer and coming up with fun stuff to do that I would have never thought of. So without further ado here is our summer bucket list (in no particular order):

1) Blow bubbles
2) Play soccer
3) See fireworks
4) Camp in the backyard
5) Go swimming
6) Play with cousins
7) Go to the beach
8) Go for a hike
9) Make lemonade
10) Pick flowers
11) Eat cherries
 12) Make s'mores
13) Pick berries
14) Play in the sprinkler
15) Go on a water slide
16) Make popscicles
17) Roast marshmallows
18) Eat snowballs
19) Go for a rain walk
20) Have a cookout
21) Grow a garden
22) Make a birdhouse
23) Watch fireflies
24) Collect seashells
25) Make sidewalk paint
26) Go for a picnic
To help us keep track of all the stuff on our list, I wrote each item on a small piece of paper. I also drew a little picture, since only half the population in our house can read. The Bean helped me write the list, you can see her green and orange drawings below.

 We then put all the papers on our clothespin wreath that hangs on our front door. This way we can always see all the things on our list and take the papers off as we finish each thing.


  1. Great list! I need to stop looking at other folks list because everyone is coming up with so many great ideas! We stopped at 21.

    1. Thanks Kim! I was just thinking I hope we get through all of ours. 21 sounds like a good start, you can always add more:) What's on your list?