Wednesday, June 20, 2012

121) Q-Tip Painting

We used to paint all the time but for some reason we haven't really been painting at all lately. It may be that since the weather turned warm we have been spending more time outside or just that the girls have been interested in other things lately. However last week, we had a family wide virus and took a few sick days at home to relax and recharge. On one of those morning I suggested painting and the  Bee and Bean were both somewhat uninterested but I got the stuff out anyway. To mix it up and make it a little more interesting, I gave the girls q-tips instead of paint brushes. They were very excited about the new tool and loved testing out what they could do with it. The Bee practiced drawing lines and making dots while the Bean used it more like a crayon, drawing large scribbles and blending colors. The simple introduction of a new way to paint has revived the painting interest and we have already painted a few time since!