Tuesday, June 12, 2012

63) Assateague State Park and Beach

A few weekends ago we made our first trip of the summer to the beach. While there we went to visit one of my favorite places, Assateague Island. Located just south of Ocean City, Assateague Island is a small barrier island which is divided into two sections. One part of the island is a state park and the other part of the island is a national park. On this trip we visited the state park side which has a beautiful wide beach that is generally much less crowded then the neighboring beaches. There is an $8 admission fee to the park although children are free. We went early on a sunday morning and there were very few people so the kids enjoyed the freedom of running and playing without us worrying or loosing sight of them. We didn't see any horses (which roam the island) on the day we went but I hope to go back soon and take the girls camping at one of the many sites in either the state and national parks.

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