Wednesday, August 1, 2012

28) The Olympics is a Great Time to Have a Baby

Like most of the people in the world we have spent a lot of time lately watching the Olympics. The kids don't totally get the whole thing but they like the bikes and swimming. I, however can't watch the Olympics without thinking about babies. I know that is probably a weird statement, but four years ago the Bee was born during the olympics. I watched them the whole time I was in labor and then day and night for the next 12 days while I held a brand new baby and tried to figure out what to do with her. This morning my sister had a beautiful baby girl! Another Olympic baby in our family. It reminded me how great it is to have a baby during the Olympics. The Olympics are on all the time, it gives you something to watch at 2am and then again at 3am and then at 4:15am. There are recaps so if you happened to doze for a moment you can always get caught up again and all those touching Olympic stories give you a reason to cry aside from just hormones. So while I am happy to watch this Olympics after a full nights sleep, I am feeling a little nostalgic as I celebrate the life of a brand new baby and my own almost four year old.  My favorite part of the Olympics so far was  was this it just seemed so appropriate.

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