Thursday, August 16, 2012

69) Turkey Hill Experience

A few weeks ago my sister suggested a family field trip to the Turkey Hill Experience. Turkey Hill is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania a little over an hour from Baltimore and they make delicious ice creams and teas. The Turkey Hill Experience is a little different than a factory tour, in that you don't actually go to the factory but you still get to learn all about how the ice cream is made and do lots of sampling. The tickets for adults are $10 and children under 4 are free (although my sister got tickets on a coupon site so keep an eye out there too.)  The tickets included admission to the experience and all the ice cream you wish to sample. When we walked in we found a whole floor of cool, fun interactive stuff for kids (and grown-ups) of all ages. They had mechanical cows to milk, an animated movie about the ice cream making process, a freezer to go into, a ball pit and slide, and a make your own scents stations. They also had a whole interactive part where you could create your own virtual ice cream, design the packaging, make a commercial and have it all sent to your email. Our group was on the younger side (4 and under) and they had plenty to keep them busy but there was still a fair amount of stuff that was over their heads that I think older kids would enjoy. However, we all agreed that the best part was the sampling they have a wide variety of ice cream flavors that you can sample as you walk around and check out the other exhibits. As well as their whole line of teas, lemonades and juices to sample too. 

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