Monday, September 10, 2012

63) Sidewalk Chalk (What We Do All Day Series)

 I have written, on this blog, about a lot of the stuff we have made and the places we have gone, but  I recently realized that I haven't written a lot about the stuff we do everyday. The stuff we do when we don't have a project planned or a place to go. The stuff we do on a rainy afternoon or a quiet morning at home and those are things that are important to our childhood list. The things we do everyday are most likely the things my kids will remember when they look back. So for the next few weeks I am going to be working on a series of posts about what we really do all day. 

Draw and play with sidewalk chalk is something we do almost everyday, although the last few weeks the mosquitoes have been so bad we haven't spent much time in our yard. However today the cooler Fall weather seems to be here, so I am sure we will out there a lot more this week. We have a large plastic bin filled with sidewalk chalk that sits on our porch. Sometime the girls will draw for just a few minutes while I put away groceries and sometimes we will spend a whole afternoon out back playing and drawing. They like to draw pictures, make mazes, play hopscotch or just color the bricks on our walkway. However, their most favorite is to get their bathing suits on a hot day and play with the chalk and water. 

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