Thursday, October 4, 2012

21) Inspiration: Sidewalk Chalk

As part of our Things We Do Everyday series, I have also been writing an inspiration post as a way to find some more ideas and inspirations for the things we already do all the time. So this week I am looking for some more fun ideas for what we can do with our favorite sidewalk chalk.

Wet Chalk Hand and Foot Prints from The Chocolate Muffin Tree
Homemade Sidewalk Chalk from Oh My! Handmade
Sidewalk Chalk Party from Hip Hip Hooray!
Sidewalk Chalk Checkers from Simple as That
DIY Twister with Chalk from Kids Activities Blog
Sidewalk Chalk Counting Maze from Hands On As We Grow
Finish the Faces from The Artful Parent
Sidewalk Chalk Photos from Mermaids and Moss

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