Wednesday, October 10, 2012

65) Dance (What We Do All Day Series)

Like most other kids I know, my two rarely stand still. They hop, twirl, jump, bounce, tip-toe, swing, scoot, skip, crawl, and dance their way through most of the day. The Bee just recently started taking  official dance lessons but both girls have been dancing their own way for years. Starting with that little wiggle when they started sitting on their own. Followed by that toddler shimmy when they first started to walk. All the way to their pre-school interpretive dance styles that they both love now. Sometimes we put on music, sometimes my husband will play a favorite song on the piano and sometimes they dance to music only they are able to hear. They dance through the grocery store, dance their way out of crabby moods (mommy included) and sometimes they have their own impromptu dance performances. However the favorite place to dance at our house is in a lap around the dining room table. Do your kids like to dance? Do you have a favorite dance song?

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