Thursday, November 8, 2012

24) Inspiration: Playground

As I have been writing our What We Do All Day series, I have also been trying to write an inspiration post on the same topic. I figure if these are the things we do all the time, then getting some related fresh ideas and inspiration is a good way to to go. So here are some inspiring playground ideas for things to do, places to go, stuff to make and stuff to read:

Map of Play from Kaboom: Find a place to play near you
Baltimore Playground Tour: if you are in the Baltimore area here are 32 local playgrounds we have visited.
Fun Things to do on the Playground (Besides the Swings): Sometimes we get a little tired of just playing on the playground equipment, here are some ideas for other fun things to do at the playground.
The Importance of Playgrounds: Why playing on the playground is important and what kids get from it.
How about a Slide Drawing: I really want to try this! I think the girls would love it.
I would really like to check out this book Nature's Playground by Fiona Danks. Has anyone read it?