Tuesday, December 11, 2012

73) Have a Tea Party

One day last month I spotted a small kids table in the alley behind our house as we were driving home. I tried to ignore it since we already have a perfectly nice kids table from ikea but it was so sweet I had to go back and get it. After a good cleaning we were happy to see that the little table was in really good shape. It has bright yellow legs and an old school laminate top that is in amazingly good shape. The little table has found a new home in our play area and has quickly become a new favorite place for a tea party. Since we found the table we have had quite a few tea parties over the last few days. Mostly impromptu ones that the girls set up with pretend food, although I occasionally get invited to attend. The other morning I walked past to see them sitting at the table, the Bee making the food while the Bean sat intently reading the most recent Scholastic circular from preschool. They reminded so much of an old married couple I had to stop to snap a picture.