Wednesday, January 2, 2013

140) Year Books

I don't normally make New Years Resolutions, mostly because I don't usually follow through, but last year I made a New Years resolution I actually kept. My resolution was to take a picture everyday. Originally I had intended to to participate in a 366 photos project but instead just started posting my photos on Instagram. If you haven't tried Instagram I highly recomend it. I love seeing the photos of people all around the world. Breakfast in Sweden and playing on the playground in Australia. I also love seeing how both similar and different other families are. I try and take a photo everyday of something, something we are doing, something we make, somewhere we went. This year I decided to turn those photos into a year book for the girls. I have made photo books for the girls in the past. It usually takes me hours to comb through all the photos and select the ones I want so I have been dragging my feet about making one for this year. Some Instagram friends had recommended Blurb books which syncs right to your Instagram feed, which made making the books much easier. I only had my Instagram photos to select from which was limiting but since I had been taking photos for a year I had plenty to choose from. The books arrived last week and they turned out beautifully. We have been looking at them a lot, talking about all the people in the books and remembering all the fun things we did in the last year.  We frequently pull back out ones from years past and see  how they looked when they were smaller, all the books are bedtime favorites. While making these books every year is kind of time consuming they are such a family favorite that I really can't not make them. Not only do we enjoy them now but I imagine as the girls get older we will really love to have them to go back to.


  1. Hey, another Harvey! ;)

    I just ordered my son's 2011 book & haven't started 2012 yet. It does take a long time! And they are pricey too. Where did you order your previous books from? I bought mine at Snapfish & love the look but they are about $30 on sale (hardcover).