Tuesday, February 5, 2013

152) Marble Painting

You know those funny moments where you are talking to someone else and you both think you know what the other is talking about but really you are talking about two different things? This very scenario happened a few weeks ago when I suggested paper marbling to the Bee. She was psyched, I was excited and then I begin to get out the materials and she just looked at me puzzled. When I showed her how to do the first one she looked at me and asked "where are the marbles?" All the sudden I got it, I had said marbling, so to a 4 old that of course means that marbles should be involved, duh! Fortunately the introduction of shaving cream quickly distracted the Bee from her plans and the next afternoon we did some marble painting, the kind that actually uses marbles.

We have done a few other versions of this here and even once in the Bee's preschool class. So this time I thought we would make some pink and red paintings to use in our valentines. I started by getting cake pans out and cutting some white paper to fit flat in the pans. We then found some marbles (if you didn't have marbles you could probably use any small ball) and put the marbles into a bowl with a little tempera paint. The girls then used spoons to get the paint covered marbles out of the bowl and into the pan. 

 Once the marbles were in the pan they started shaking the pan back and forth rolling the marbles and paint all over the paper.

 The pan was a little heavy for the bean so she used the spoon and eventually her fingers to roll the marbles around.

When they finished each sheet I took them out to dry and gave them another. They each made several sheets that we cut up and used in our valentines for this year.


  1. I'm not sure if marbles can compete with trucks, but I'm going to give this a try as soon as i unearth my marbles!

  2. Marble painting for kids is an easy and the best way to learn new things! Kids have fun rolling paint-covered marbles on paper and the results are lovely abstract works of art.