Friday, May 24, 2013

81) Summer Camp Week 1: Transportation

Welcome to week 1 of the Summer Camp Series! The girls have officially begun their summer break and while I am so excited to slow down a little, I am also a little nervous about what we are going to do all day everyday. So here is our schedule for the first week. Each day has a camp theme because I have watched the original Parent Trap with Haley Mills one too many times in my life. Honestly I am just using the schedule as a loose guide for what to do. Some weeks I am sure we will stick tightly to the schedule other weeks we might do all five days in one. Hopefully you all will join us on our adventure and share your own summer camp projects and tales.

Monday: Rec Hall
Shaving cream is one of those favorites at our house. A favorite of me because it cleans up pretty easily and a favorite of the girls because it is foamy and fun to play with. Add some cars to your shaving cream and you have yourself a Shaving Cream Car Wash.

Older kids who might not be interested in shaving cream play might still like to play with shaving cream and try their hand at shaving cream marbling.

Tuesday: Back at the Bunks
Summer time around here means lots and lots of afternoon thunderstorms. They usually don't last very long but have a bad habit of ruining our outdoor afternoon plans. Our Tape Car Track is a quick and easy rainy afternoon activity that keeps everyone happy and busy.

Wednesday: Mess Hall
This week the heat has kicked in and we have spent a few afternoons outside running in the sprinkler and playing in the water. To spice up our water play a little we made Ice Cube Sailboats, which were fun to play with even long after they had melted.

Thursday: Arts and Crafts
Another favorite at our house, Car Painting is the perfect mix of art and play. If you have older kids or are feeling a little adventourous Scooter Painting is another way to go. We used paint in our scooter painting but someone once told me that they scooter paint just using water to make tracks and lines.

Friday: Outward Bound
There is that old saying that "Getting there is half the fun" which is very true when you are kid. Sometimes we Take a Ride on the Light Rail (the train system in our city) just to ride. We might get off at one of the stops along the way to eat lunch, or walk around but really the train ride is the best part. This summer I am hoping to expand our public transit rides for fun and take a ride on the Water Taxi.

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