Friday, June 7, 2013

42) A New Family Portrait

For those of you who have been reading for a while you may have noticed that things on this blog have been a little spotty and really pretty quiet the last few months.  But I assure you it has all been for some very good reasons. Sick kids, broken computer (thanks to the Apple geniuses for making this post possible) , beautiful weather that has been keeping us outdoors as much as possible, and all the fun, busy and chaotic events of springtime and the end of the school year. I have also been really busy in the shop! I celebrated my 150th sale last week, something I never even dreamed would happen just a few months ago when I started out. I have been working on lots of fun custom orders and adding some new spring and summer crayons as well. In addition to some updates to the shop, I have also been trying to update the blog. Finally adding a new shop page and a place for all our tours, series and lists so they can be easily found. With all that stuff accounted for the real reason for all the radio silence can be blamed on the newest member of our family. A new little childhood lister will be making his appearence sometime in October.  So for the last few months, I have been spending most of my down time sleeping as only a newly pregnant mama can. I am so happy to have finally  moved away from morning sickness and all the other first trimester woes and to be in the happy place of the second trimester with a return of my appetite, a little more energy and a very quickly growing belly. 

When we told the Bee and Bean a few months ago their first response, literally, was that they only wanted a girl baby. They have since been telling everyone we meet at the grocery store, post office and every where else that we are having a girl baby, even though we didn't know that for real. This week we went for a sonogram and found out that, we are not in fact, having a girl baby but instead will be having a little boy! The girls were not thrilled with the news (you can see their reaction below) the Bean actually had a pouty bottom lip. They seem a little more open to the idea today and hopefully the next few months will change their minds completely. So any advice/suggestions/guidance for life with three?