Monday, January 12, 2015

171) Don't Forget Backpack Tag

The return back to our school routine after the winter holidays felt hard this year. After two weeks home, most of which was spent in our pajamas since we all had a bug, getting back to the get up and go was tough. It has been made even tougher by all the wintry weather around here, causing our return to be more stop and go then smooth sailing. I don't know if it is the stop and go or all the added winter gear but there has been a slip back into forgetting stuff at school. So to help I went back and made the Bee another reminder tag for her backpack. I originally made one for her in the Fall when school first started. She was having a hard time getting into the routine of first grade and the reminder tag on her backpack really seemed to help. It was mostly her water cup or her lunch box that would get left behind in her locker, so having the tag on her book bag was sort of like a little checklist of what was supposed to go in before the trip home. Her first book bag bit the dust and I learned my lesson that a good backpack is worth the investment. So now with what is hopefully a better backpack, I made her a new tag in hopes that the reminder will help again.

Since I figured this is probably a pretty common problem I thought I would share the tag design for anyone else who wants a copy. All you have to do is follow the link below, either print right from the document or download a copy to print later. Cut out both sides of the tag and glue the tags back to back with a glue stick. With a hole puncher make a hole. Then have your child write their name and class and decorate their tag however they want. If your child is as hard on their backpack as mine is you might want to laminate the tag. I have had great luck with those non-heat laminating pouches but you could also use just clear contact paper. I also printed my tag on a heavy card stock to help it hold up a little longer. If you download and use the tag let me know if it helps at all. I am curious to see if others find the tag to be as helpful.

Download the Don't Forget Back Pack Tag here


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